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This guide serves as a resource and reference for many topics related to ‘Souls RPG. Most of the information has some leeway, and as usual, we all make mistakes. If you read something that seems particularly strange or that may be incorrect, please contact the game administration or post in the Maintenance thread.


The ‘Souls RP Guide is a product of the collective effort of ‘Souls staff. All information, text, maps, drawings, and diagrams contained herein are copyright to ‘Souls RPG unless otherwise indicated. All custom artwork is provided by Kiriska for ‘Souls RPG’s exclusive use.

Photographs used without credit were found orphaned on the Internet. If one of these photos belongs to you, please let us know so that we may properly source it or remove it entirely.

This RP Guide is NOT under a Creative Commons license. Please do not use, alter, or otherwise take our content without permission. You are welcome to quote, reference, and link information in this guide with appropriate attribution.


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